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South Asia Textile Industries Plans Rs 1 bn Expansion Program

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Published on : Sep 15, 2015

South Asia Textile Industries, which is a leading textile manufacturer in Sri Lanka has recently green signaled a highly enterprising expansion program. The company has already begun investments the total of which will be more than Rs. 1 bn. The company has plans to employ state-of-the-art machinery that will use 5th Generation Hybrid/Nano technology in all divisions.

The upgrades that are in the pipeline by the company include knitting machines of high speed that be ordered by UNITEX Singapore and SANTONI Italy. The upgraded will enable the company to develop and produce novelty and innovative knitted products. 

In addition, the new equipment that the company is installing is worth mentioning, which includes fully computerized high end printing machines that will be imported from STORK in Netherlands and Austria.

Sri Lanka based South Asia Textile Industries has also brought in several other notable improvements, which includes the introduction of specialty textile machines from leading brands in the world such as SANTEZ Switzerland, MARLO& CORINO from Italy, TANDEMATIC from the U.S., and FONGS, China.

The period coincided with several new investments that have been made in the state-of-the-art testing lab of South Asia Textile Industries. The company is gearing up for next generation challenge. On these new additions of new and highly sophisticated equipment, the lab persists to maintain highly sought after accreditations that have been received by leading apparel names in the world such as NEXT, Marks & Spencer, Limited Brands, and many more.

Furthermore, it is also to be noted that South Asia Textile Industries based in Sri Lanka is keeping the international compliance standards. The company is nearing to achieve the highly honored ‘zero discharge’ title for industrial waste, an endeavor which is an important part of the 2020 commitment by clothing brands globally and other related industries.