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Soon to be Launched 3D Food Printers to Depict Unique Combination of Food and Technology

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Published on : Aug 02, 2016

The Columbia University is now making a new kind of 3D food printer that is capable of cooking and producing a number of dishes by utilizing frozen base ingredients. These people also aim at introducing a design element to the cooking done at home. This would turn cooking into a hub of innovation that will bring together individuals from around the globe on social media.

However, the researchers working on this 3D food printer have stated that this kind of 3D food printer is not able to substitute the traditionally utilized style of cooking. Thus, they opine that this will come up as an addition to one’s kitchen and not as any kind of a replacement. Hence, the thought of not using the traditional cooker will still have to wait as of now. 

Beehex and Foodini are already making their way into 3D printed food market. Beehex is offering pizzas in a number of restaurants in New York, while Foodini has been joining hands with the prominent catering companies and chefs that will be replicating particular textures and shapes. 

The researchers at the Columbia University are also using a technique that utilized frozen ingredients within cartridges which can be utilized for printing food items. These researchers are also looking into wars for cooking this kind of food. The printers are capable of making gel-kind of substances. Hence, these machines in addition to replacing the traditional food items will also offer nutrient-rich gel solutions which can then be cooked. 

This printer is as of now still being completed and will take some time for its completion. These researchers have been taking these printers to chefs in order to provide a social angle to this 3D printed food. These researchers also want individuals to share some of their recipes and designs. They concluded by stating that by the combination of food and technology, they expect this kind of 3D printer to be a start of something huge in the coming years.