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Sony is Struggling to Improve the Virtual Reality Technology

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Published on : Sep 07, 2018

Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony discussed various aspects of the PlayStation platform and its accessories at IFA in Berlin where he said, virtual reality (VR) has room to grow. He described it as ‘completely unique experience’ which is gaining popularity and discussed some possible applications of the VR. The discussion moved around the Sony PlayStation VR solution than the competition.

He also explained some problems users facing in the existing technology. One of the persisting problems is that users have to wear that head-mounted display (HMD) without any option for seeing the outside world which can be a little dangerous. He believes that it’s still early days of VR and its evolution is likely to lead the emergence of mixed reality solutions becoming mainstream.

Some of the HMDs offer the way to view the real world through the VR goggles through the embedded cameras. He added, the developers are experiencing problems in the negating VR motion sickness. The discrepancy between the visuals and feeling of their body is a major reason for the motion sickness. However, improvements in the feedback from controllers, display resolution, and optimization of field can contribute to making the technology more pleasant. 

Recently, Sony launched the couple of PlayStation VR set for US$350. This set includes PSVR helmet and two move controllers, a Demo Disc 2.0, a PS Camera, and two VR games. However, he didn’t reveal any timelines and details for their upcoming VR platform or the details of the PSVR2 model that can be used in upcoming PlayStation 5. But this discussion concludes that the tech giant is still working on the upgrading the VR which could boost its adoption and augment the growth of the reality solutions in next few years.