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Sony Entering Automotive Market by Contributing Towards Global Autonomous Car Field

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Published on : Sep 04, 2015

Sony CEO recently said that his company is willing to enter the automotive market, probably following the companies such as Google, to be a part of the global autonomous car playing field. Kazuo, the CEO of Sony, said that the company is not thinking of ruling out their plan of entering the global automotive market. The company believes that they will make profits and will make a positive difference in the automotive industry in coming few years. Earlier, Google entered the autonomous car space. German automotive company, last week, announced that their autonomous 'Future Truck' is ready to be driven into the real traffic. 

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Stuttgart, Germany, gave permission to the company to introduce its autonomous 18-wheeler trucks on the motorways in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg. German automotive company's 'Future Truck' uses a healthy combination of assistance systems, which enables it to drive itself, such as cameras, sensors, and steering intervention. A 3D digital map and its capacity to communicate with any other connected vehicles, makes the 'Future Truck' unique. Last month, Nokia was successful in selling its 'Here' maps for Euro2.8 billion to global brands of the automotive industry such as Audi, Daimler, and BMW. 

The auto manufacturers stated that they acquired 'Here' maps technology to enable them to develop fully autonomous driving and other assistance systems. Management of 'Here' maps technology is expected to be independent with an intention of moving the technology ahead, as a platform, which will be accessible to all customers. Earlier, Uber had planned to team up with the Chinese company, Baidu, to capture the mapping business. 

Japanese auto manufacturer, Nisssan, stated that it will own road-ready autonomous card till the end of 2020. Hyundai will soon plan to contribute with their commercial self-driven cars, by 2020. The transport agency of New Zealand is conducting a study of country's technical readiness to deploy automated vehicles.