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Sony Announces for Round 2 of Global Math Challenge with Entry to Groups as Well

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Published on : Sep 11, 2015

Sony Global Education will be hosting the 2nd round of Global Math Challenge on this Sunday, September 27th, 2015. Math enthusiasts will be able to participate in this global event with the help of their mobile devices and computer. Good mathematics skills are the only eligibility criteria of the competition. The competition has been designed to channelize the mathematical creativity. To encourage a large number of people, the competition has been made available in several languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and English. Till now there are over 500,000 pre-registrants. This is likely to be the biggest competition in the world.

The questions for the Global Math Challenge have been crafted by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, which specializes in designing math contests for children. The questions will be aimed toward creativity along with enabling the participant to discover their real math sense. Global Math Challenge will have 9 progressive difficulty levels that will be determine the education levels of participants. These levels start from the very first grade of elementary, middle school, and the adult mathematics education level.

In the 2nd round of the Global Math Challenge groups are also allowed to participate, a feature that was mission in the earlier one. This will allow schools, learning centers, and other organizations to participate and reap the benefits of that this competition has to offer. The biggest advantage available to the group is that they will be able to pick and choose their day for the test, which is anytime in the two weeks up to September 27th.