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Sonos Beam to Support Siri on Apple Devices, comes with Amazon’s Alexa

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Published on : Jun 07, 2018

Sonos - the premium speaker maker is likely to float in the markets later in the year, but if it does well the company will need to explain to investors of its staying power. This becomes difficult as tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon create their own hardware replete with voice assistants that offer ‘smart’ capabilities. This is much beyond the offerings of Sonos - the first and foremost audio specialist.

Sonos, which lacks its own assistant or music streaming service has sought to serve as an open platform that works with every major streaming service. The compatibility is being expanded to voice assistants as well.

Sonos Beam Deemed Best in the Lot of Multi-voice Assistant Devices

Released recently, Sonos Beam is the closest thing so far to a multi-voice assistant device. This allows users to pick and choose major voice assistants to interact with for certain tasks. Sonos Beam to be sold later this year will support Siri on Apple devices and comes with Amazon’s Alexa. It is also said to support Google Assistant at some point this year.

The downside is Beam will not do much itself. It will require extra devices or a capable smart TV to access services such as Amazon Prime video or Netflix.

Sonos vies to provide all features in one device as a future-proofing. Unlike smartphones that are changed frequently as once a year, the hardware in homes live much longer. Sonos banks on Beam to be device to support everything that comes along and to appeal those who are hesistant about buying voice control.