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Solar Panels Market Dominated by China

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Published on : Jun 19, 2015

China is the leading country when it comes to making solar panels and now has become the largest market for solar panels. Recently, China has emerged as the globe’s largest maker for solar panels and is projected to become home to the planet’s quarter portion of new energy capacity. The country is rapidly expanding its power generation to the full capacity and solar energy is one of the source of new energy generation in the nation.

The country is projected to install around 14 GW of solar panels this year and around 55 GW worth of solar panels around the world. Besides China, countries in the APAC region are expected to count for over half of the world’s new solar panel capacity this year, that includes several new solar installations in Japan, which is a huge market trailing the reduction the Fukushima crisis. Also, another emerging huge market for solar panels is India.

Mostly when people think of solar panels they tend to picture panels that are either installed on rooftops of buildings or homes. But, as the market in China for solar panels continues to expand these solar panels are being installed in China and are mounted on the ground, they are organized into large solar farms and installed in several remote sites and is purchased by utilities. According to the China National Energy Administration out of 28.05 GW of solar panels were connected to the nation’s grid by 2013 end, and out of this capacity of around 23.38 GW was contributed from the ground-mounted type of solar panels.

The Chinese solar panel farms are growing massive in size, especially the Gobi desert one. According to a NASA picture, this farm is a sprawling size in the North West Gansu Province of China, which has tripled in size from 2012 to present day.