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Snap Map Feature on Snapchat: A Cause of Concern

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Published on : Jul 05, 2017

Social media apps are attempting to one up each other and this race is continuing with new features and functionalities added from time to time. While sometimes these updates are hits, other times, they leave the users scratching their head in confusion. In the case of Snapchat, the new feature Snap Map, is a cause of real concern for parents. Snap Map makes use of geolocation and allows you to see the location of your friends on a map. Cartoon like figures or actionmojis are seen on a map so that you can see your friends’ exact location and also shows your location to them. As your little Bitmoji avatar moves as you move, your friends can know exactly where you are. However, thankfully, there is an option for selecting only specific people to track you down or see your whereabouts on the map.

Parents Worry as Strangers can Locate their Kids’ Whereabouts

If you send a snap to “Our Story”, then your location is visible to everyone. Everyone means strangers too! And this is the main cause of worry for parents of teenagers and youngsters worldwide. Although Snapchat tried to adopt a technology we appreciate so as to know the directions to where our friends are, the fact that strangers and criminals out there can track and follow these users is sending chill down the throats of parents. The increasing rates of crimes across the globe due to valuable information left on social media have caused many people to pay a big price.