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Smart-Sports Apparel: Latest Trend in Global Sportswear Market

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Published on : Dec 17, 2015

The global sports apparel market has reported impressive growth over the last few years, thanks to the rising popularity of games and sports. The extensive media coverage of various International sports events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cup, and ICC World Cup has encouraged the young generation across the globe to actively participate in sports, triggering the demand for sports apparel to a large extent.

The introduction of new product lines with technically advanced and innovative designs, offering a high level of comfort, is the latest trend among major market players in order to meet the demand for hi-tech and trendy sports apparel from athletes and sportspersons across the world. Companies are focusing on integrating technology with apparel to produce smart-sports apparel.

Antelope, a startup in sports apparel market, has recently introduced the first muscles activating sportswear of the world, which is the first series of technically advanced sportswear with muscle-targeting electrodes. The target end users for this products are pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts, looking for ways to increase their performance.

Jabil Circuits, a St. Petersburg-based technology provider, acquired Clothing+, an E-textile company, earlier this year with an objective to produce smart-sports apparel. Recently, they have launched a line of smart-sportswear under the brand name Peak+. Since Jabil’s acquisition of Clothing+, the company has strengthened the global production and distribution channels of the organization by increasing facilities as well as staff, worldwide.

Athos, a California-based smart-apparel producer, has raised US$35.5 mn for the production of health-sensing sportswear for athletes. The company is the first one to produce actual clothing - that too at a comparatively cheaper rates - instead of apparel embedded with equipment such as smart-watch or chest strap. The Athos core device is priced at US$199 and the sportswear ranges from US$99 to US$199.

Other prominent companies, producing smart-sportswear are Adidas and Nike.