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Since its Inception in 2009, Hadoop Solutions Growing at a Healthy Rate: Global Hadoop Market set for Rapid Expansion

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Published on : Mar 31, 2016

From banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), retail, and manufacturing industries, the services of Hadoop have now reached various other industry verticles such as telecommunication, media and entertainment, natural resources, and trade and transport. The growing reach of Hadoop solutions across various industries is predicted to propel the global Hadoop market in the next few years. The two main subprojects of Hadoop, namely Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce have gained a lot of importance and acceptance across the globe. With its feature to manage big data, Hadoop has grown rapidly in the recent past. 

Going forward, the growing structured and unstructured data volume across various end-use sectors such as BFSI, retail, telecommunication, and media and entertainment is predicted to propel the global Hadoop market. 

What has Changed in Hadoop Solutions?

  • Thanks to technological advancements, huge volumes of data can be generated by using various electronic devices that are used in end-use industries including BFSI, healthcare, public utilities, and government utilities. 
  • The cost effective feature of Hadoop makes it a popular data management solution across the globe.
  • In the recent past, the adoption of Hadoop solutions was boosted by the increased corporate spending to better manage unstructured data.
  • Hadoop has the capacity to operate on commodity hardware in less time.
  • The increasing demand for big data analytics and the growing volumes of unstructured data has led to the growth of the Hadoop services.

The use of Hadoop services and solutions is expected to increase globally, especially in Asia Pacific as in this region there are a maximum number of internet users and followers. In the years to come, mobile phones with high-end internet connections are expected to gain popularity and a big percentage of mobile phone users are predicted to use it for both, personal and commercial purposes. The increasing use of the internet is expected to benefit the global Hadoop market in the next few years. The rising demand for faster and effective accessibility of data amongst numerous industries is predicted to benefit the global market for Hadoop. 

Organizations such as Intel and IBM are expected to develop their own Hadoop versions, thereby predicted to propel the global Hadoop market.