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Simulation Launched by Incentivai to Know How Hackers Break Blockchain

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Published on : Aug 20, 2018

Incentivai has recently launched its artificial intelligence simulations program today, which tests the presence of security holes, as well as those who want to destroy a blockchain community. Crypto developers can use Incentivai’s services to fix their systems before they go live.

More Details About Incentivai’s Simulation Program

According to Incentivai’s solo founder Piotr Grudzie?, the company came up with machine learning agents that can check systems and analyze how they will behave in the near future. Incentivai is expected to pass from Y Combinator in the next week and already has a few customers lined up. These customers can either pay Incentivai to audit their project and produce a report, or they can host the AI simulation tool like a software-as-a-service. The first deployments of blockchains checked will go out in a few months, and the startup has released some case studies to prove its genuine character and work.

In brief, Incentivai works through a developer writing smart contracts for testing a product, for example, selling insurance on blockchain. Now, Incentivai instructs its AI agents to optimize for certain processes and forms a detailed plan of actions, which can be carried out. The agents could possess various identities. This is followed by Incentivai tweaking its agents in order to make them substantially less averse to unfavorable circumstances. The startup will monitor the agents and form important insights about how to control the systems.

Grudzie? has already carried out some predictions about his startup. According to his thoughts, if the use of decentralized apps rises, numerous companies will try to copy the same approach to achieve quality security services. He further says there are already some businesses working on token engineering audits, incentive design, and consultancy, but none with a functional simulation product that has produced case studies. Grudzie? mentions that as the industry matures, the need for more complex economic systems will be felt.