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SF Motors unveils its Two Semi-autonomous EV Models aimed for 2019

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Published on : Mar 29, 2018

Automakers world over have accelerated their efforts for producing electric vehicles (EVs). A number of regional prominent players have jumped into the fray by debuting with target production vehicles with new and exciting autonomous features. This is likely to put a tough competition to stalwarts such as Tesla and legacy vehicle manufacturers. China-based Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Co Ltd. (Sokon) is cementing its foothold into the U.S. market by coming with a new concept electric vehicle. Its subsidiary SF Motors recently unveiled this week (March 29, 2018) its first two models-the SF5 and SF7, an all-electric SUV-and aiming for their production in 2018 and 2019. In a bid to create next-generation electric vehicles, the Chinese automotive company with one of its branches in the U.S., will incorporate advanced self-driving features, apart from battery technology advancement and design enhancements.

Advanced Powertrain Technology and Exciting Autonomous Features for its Proposed EV Sets it Apart from Tesla

Of note, the SF5, its first electric concept car, with a pre-order date this year, includes advanced powertrain technology that will enable it to speed up from 0 to 60 miles per hour within three seconds, with one charge powering it to traverse 310 miles. What’s more interesting proposed by the SF Motors lies in the cutting-edge driver monitoring system that will help keep drunkards at arm’s length. But, the most advanced aspect thing that puts its offering apart from that of giants such as Tesla is ‘level-3’ autonomy, which automaker plans to give to drivers by 2020.

Key Systems for Concept Cars to be developed In-House

The Santa Clara-headquartered subsidiary company plans to test its EVs at the University of Michigan and its home developmental center. SF5 is likely be put to road by 2019 end, stated the company. According to the automaker, its plan to go for in-house development of the key systems of EVs gives it a competitive edge over other EV makers. Aimed for road testing in its home turf, SF Motors will include deep learning and LiDAR sensors in the vehicle autonomous system.

The EVs will include a “patented” battery system the company has earned through its acquisition of InEVit, a battery tech firm, in October 2017. The company will leverage the potential of the chassis architecture of InEVit to bring safety enhancements.

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