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SESI Project Kick Starts with a Grand Opening

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Published on : Apr 20, 2015

On Thursday, the Stanford Energy Systems Innovations (SESI) project succeeded with the grand opening of their Central Energy Facility which is located close to the golf course. The facility has provided with a private tour and reception, and introduced John Hennessy as the President of University, Tom Werner as the President and CEO of SunPower, and other executives and officials of University.

According to the executive director of the sustainability and energy management department, Joseph Stagner, who was also one of the speakers at the event, stated that the University started developing a plan since 2008 for a more sustainable and efficient energy system which will replace the cogeneration plant which is 28-year old. The current plant’s contract has been already ended in the previous month. The plan finally resulted in two new energy manufacturing techniques such as solar power and heat recovery.

Joseph Stagner further added that when they analyzed the energy patterns at the campus, they devised this scheme which will be allowing collecting the total waste heat and further using it to heat the whole campus. The implementation of the scheme fortunately turned out to be very efficient, economical and it also reduced the emission of greenhouse gases and the use of water, and owing to all this the campus finally selected this option.

For the purpose of replacing the very old system of steam heating, around three new water-to-water heat pumps are needed to capture all the heat waste, which further gets returned to buildings to fulfill the heating requirements of the campus. 

John Hennessy, the President of the University stated that the thermodynamic ingenuity of the new system: novel heat transfer mechanism is a big improvement from the old cogeneration plant, even if it was also cutting edge in its time.

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