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Sequel to Legendary and Cult Classic Game La-Mulana Finally Launched

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Published on : Jul 31, 2018

The sequel to the legendary game La-Mulana has finally been released. And this marks the end of a long journey for many gamers who have been waiting for like eternity. The game is simply called La-Mulana 2 and portrays a typical two dimensional visual effects familiar with those who have played games from the 90s.

More Insights into the Release of La-Mulana Sequel

The game is likely to be received well by enthusiasts who have a penchant for retro-style platform and a broad masochistic streak when it comes to gameplay. If one were to consider a gaming achievement of recent times, especially from the perspective of creating nostalgia, La-Mulana 2 can definitely be considered as a rare feat in this context. The original game was a contemporary of the revered and influential Cave Story, both of which were wonderful free games made with charming retro pixel art, but story-wise, the plot of course is different.

La-Mulana’s story deals with an archaeologist who goes deep into a ruin with the same name, which is extremely deep and complex. The gameplay portrays an obscure and difficult path where only the truly dedicated can survive the first few hours. The sequel depicts a 32-bit appearance, and has the feel of a highly expanded MSX game. In early 2014, the makers decided to make a whole new game and raised at least US$26000 on Kickstarter, with an estimated delivery date of December 2015. However, the launch kept getting delayed, mainly as the creators wanted everything perfect.

The setting of the game is an underground labyrinth where the players can explore, avoid deadly traps and monsters, and solve mind-boggling puzzles. As a characters, players control the daughter of the original explorer. The price of this game is about US$25 and is available for Windows and MacOS.