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Sensor Technology in Bat to Revolutionize Game of Cricket

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Published on : Jun 08, 2017

Cricket as the game we know it today is much much smart, literally! No, it is not about the new rules implemented since the past few years nor about the technology that the third umpire uses. This year’s Champion’s Trophy, which is ongoing, is seeing a smart equipment in the bat. The bat now has a sensor, the size of a small coin and is fitted at the bat handle, on top. This sensor allows a batsman’s data, who is on strike to be recorded real time. This sensor measures the bat angles, speed at which the ball hits the bat, velocity, and direction of shot. The technology which was worked upon has finally been launched.

Commentary to be More Accurate and Interesting due to Recorded Data

With the help of this new technology, a player can track his speed, bat direction and can also monitor their progress with the help of quantifiable data. The quality of broadcast improves significantly due to this sensor. As seen in the ongoing Champion’s Trophy, commentators have all the data (and much more) to pass accurate comments on a batsman and his way of dealing with a spinner or a fast bowler.

Smart Cricket Coaching Made Possible

The data recorded by this bat can be passed on to coaches living in another corner of the world! This could be helpful when there will be an online coaching mechanism for cricket in the future perhaps.  David Warner is one of the early advocates of this technology and says this smart bat has the potential to revolutionize cricket and the game will go forward in terms of technology.