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Sensible Object Launces First Alexa Powered Board Game: When in Rome

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Published on : Jul 18, 2018

Sensible Object is the first company to come up with a board game that can talk back to the players, with the help of Alexa. The game called When in Rome, promises the start of a new era in the field of board games.

More Details about the Talking Game - When in Rome

The family board game makes two teams compete against each other in a race to travel the world. The game itself consists of a board and other colored components. However, the game’s real play comes in the form of Alexa. Players need to start the game by enabling the ‘When in Rome’ skill. This is followed by Alexa prompting the users with questions as players use the board. The game rules are simple, mainly as Alexa does most of the work. After the board is setup, players need to trigger Alexa with their voice, and continue playing it.

The game can be played by two players or two teams (of two to four people each) and is recommended for anyone over the age of 13. The game is available for about US$29.99 and uses a traditional board, pieces and cards set up along with a connection to Alexa. All the requirements need to exist throughout game or it doesn’t work. According to the game’s box, there's 30 hours of gameplay including the trivia questions.

Although the concept has been explored by the same company in their first game called Beasts of Balance, When in Rome is more polished than the former one. However, users will not be able to play the game in a cozy beach house without an internet connection. In this way, the sophisticated nature of the game makes it almost mandatory for everyone to play it at their homes or in places where internet connectivity is substantially fast.