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Second Wave of Petya Hackers Emerges

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Published on : Jul 06, 2017

A little over £7,900 have already been claimed in ransom by the hackers behind the Petya ransomware. The ransom has always been moved in the form of virtual currency and moved from Bitcoin addresses that have so far been affected by the blackmailing.

Hackers Demand More Ransom

One of the investigation experts has mentioned that it is extremely likely for the criminals to have already tapped into the funds they blackmailed off their victims. Meanwhile, they seem to have made a fresh attack on computers with a new ransom demand. While the new wave of attacks appears to be consistent to the first ones, analysts are claiming that they are merely a part of a diversion to confuse investigators.

Threat Massively Reduced Thanks to Ukraine Police

The interior minister for Ukraine recently released information pointing to the confiscation of servers from a small local software company. The servers had supposedly become the source of Petya attacks, unbeknownst to the company owners. The move is thought to have killed a fresh wave of Petya attacks, thereby cutting down to size of the overall threat. The developers in Intellect Service had earlier insisted that they had no involvement in the Petya attacks, later stated that each of their terminals containing the MeDoc tax software were possibly infected, thereby being responsible to the spreading of the virus.

Olesya Blousova, the chief executive of Intellect Service, stated that every single computer on their local network is a potential threat. She also mentioned that close to one million computers in Ukraine currently had MeDoc installed on them.