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Published on : Jun 13, 2017

The past month has been a great one for Microsoft with the launch of Game Pass, its new online subscription service for Xboz One games. The company has also unveiled its new console, the Xbox One X, at E3 2017. The console itself comes with an internal hard drive of 1TB, but as most gamers would agree, it will not suffice once they get their hands on the Game Pass. The Game Pass allows them access to direct downloads for over a hundred Xbox games, making storage a key problem.

Game Drive Hub a Permanent Storage Solution?

The answer to the storage issue has been released by Seagate. The company has released its Game Drive Hub for the Xbox console series, and sports a mean 8TB worth of storage space ready for any gamer’s content requirement. The external drive has been tested in partnership with the Xbox team and is an immediate double the maximum storage offered by the company’s own current Game Drive storage. The new version is aimed specifically at players that play a lot of games and own, or plan to own, a lot of titles in their library.

The Game Drive Hub can be compatible with any of the currently active Xbox consoles and its 8TB storage space can easily hold at least 200 titles. What’s more is the Game Drive Hub’s dual front-facing USB 3.0 ports, which means players no longer have to reach in the back to charge their depleted controller.