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Scout Shopping Tool Launched by Amazon to Improve Customers’ Experience

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Published on : Sep 20, 2018

In recent times, Amazon is experimenting with a new tool called Scout, which is designed to help shoppers figure out what they want to buy in a highly efficient manner.

More Insights about Amazon’s Newest Shopping Tool

The new tool helps shoppers in a visual fashion, using a combination of imagery and distinct like and dislike mechanisms. The entire tool is powered with a machine learning technology. In case a comparison is needed, Scout offers a Pinterest-like way of browsing through Amazon products, wherein recommendations are refined through user inputs.

Currently, the site lets users search for furniture, kitchen, dining products, home décor, patio items, lighting, and bedding, as well as women’s shoes. However, in time, Amazon will be adding more products like clothing and handbags.

Today, Amazon mostly has every product possible, which any average user might need. However, the current method of finding items depends mainly on the user having a vague idea of what he/she wants, thus proving to be more tedious and difficult. For example, if a user is looking for a dresser, a new comforter, or new deck chairs, then they are often stuck scrolling down through a long list of matching results that aren’t at all customized to their particular tastes.

However, Scout comes to the rescue in such cases by helping customers narrow down their choices more quickly. Specifically, it focusses more on solving two issues, what customers know what they want, but they don’t know what it is called, and what customers don’t known what they want, but they will know when they see it.

According to a spokesperson from Amazon, customers can browse through millions of items quickly, and make their choice and select what they want majorly on visual characteristics by using Scout. And this entire process will be powered by top-quality machine learning processes.