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Scientists Says Lack of Vitamin D a Precursor for Type 2 Diabetes

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Published on : Feb 24, 2015

Contrary to popular belief that obesity often leads to diabetes, scientists have found that lack of vitamin D can lead obesity and subsequently Type 2 diabetes. It also might be the case that people with poor levels of vitamin D could be pre-diabetic, which means that the blood sugar level is elevated than it normally should be, but still within the threshold. If a pre-diabetic condition is not treated in time, it definitely leads to Type 2 diabetes in less than a decade’s time.

This also means that the person’s risk of being susceptible to metabolic syndrome, a combination of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure is also higher. A metabolic syndrome increases the chances of a person to suffer from a heart disease, stroke and such other conditions that negatively impact the blood vessels.

However, Spanish showed that deficiency of vitamin D, which is also known as 'sunshine vitamin', increases a person’s chances of gaining weight and increasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. The study relates the ability of the body to metabolize glucose with exposure to early morning sunlight that assists in synthesis of vitamin D.

The study also showed that obese people with higher level of vitamin D did not have diabetes or any other metabolic disorder. However, lean people, who were a part of this research and who had diabetes or any other metabolic had lower levels of vitamin D. Scientists also stated that vitamin D controls the calcium and keeps the immune system healthy, which evidently translates to averting diabetes.

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