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Scientists Hopeful that Smart Insulin will Revolutionize Management of Diabetes

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Published on : Mar 10, 2015

Scientists are hopeful that the research on smart insulin and its development in the near future will change the way diabetes is managed. With the smart insulin diabetic patients won’t have to keep checking their blood sugar levels as just a dosage will normalize the blood sugar level and turn off when not needed or vice versa. The medical experiment seems to have been working perfectly well on mice.

According to PNAS journal, scientists are planning to begin human trial of this in the near future. However, according to experts this testing will have to be done for quite many years to confirm results and turn this into reality.

The type 1 diabetics require the smart insulin as their bodies do not produce any. This means that they have to invariably rely on insulin injections to function normally. Missing a shot of insulin would only mean a dangerously high sugar or an unregulated dosage would mean unwanted hypoglycemia. To adjust the dosage every type 1 diabetic has to check their blood sugar levels at regular interval, which may be twice or thrice a day. 

Owing to this complication, diabetic experts are looking at ways to make this management of the disease much simpler for the patients with smart insulin. There are a few developments so far.

However, all the insulin has been designed to start its work in the body when the blood sugar levels get too high and then stop when it normalizes. Dr. Dannny Chou, a leading researcher in development of the smart insulin at Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that he has been testing the smart insulin that he developed in the lab. This modified version of the insulin has additional set of molecules at the end that attaches itself to proteins that are circulating in the bloodstream. In the attached mode, the smart insulin is remains in an inactive mode. When the sugar level rises, the smart insulin is triggered, latching on the glucose and setting it to work. 

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