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Scientists Develop Magnet-based Drug Delivery Method for Cancer Treatment

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Published on : Feb 02, 2018

Cancer continuous be among the most prevalent diseases across the world and a number of research and development activities are currently underway to find a cure for it. A group of scientists at the University of Georgia (UGA) have devised a procedure that is completely non-invasive while delivering drugs to the pinpointed location of cancerous tissues. Using magnetic forces, the treatment method has shown strong potential to remarkably reduce the toxic side of chemotherapy, which has been causing strong side-effects to among the patients who opt for the therapies.

In association with Clarkson University in New York, the UGA team has developed fine nanoparticles that can act as drug carriers, with one substrate providing for enzymes while another carries the drugs. While a comparatively weak magnetic field is subjected, these two nanoparticles merge, which in turn initiates a reaction that deposits the drugs at the specified location. In addition to that, the new method is able to significantly reduce side effects such as cardiac toxicity and hair loss with its location precision.

It must be noted that in the past, pulsating magnetic fields have been tried for drug delivery but it caused heat that was potentially destroying healthy cells inside the ailing body. The scientists showed the proof of their new method in vitro by utilizing chemotherapy drugs and cancer cells, and are now hoping to move onto next stage in which an animal model would be developed.