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Scientists Detect a Faster, Cheaper and Viable Solution for Dengue

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Published on : Sep 11, 2019

The rainy season might be the best season to enjoy green weather and hot snacks. But at the same time, it brings lots of unwanted infections and diseases. Dengue is one such disease that spreads due to mosquito biting and is more prevalent in tropical climate. 

Every year around 400 million cases of dengue are registered in tropical climates. In most cases, the disease is left unnoticed because of its mixed symptoms thus delaying the overall treatment. Delayed treatment for dengue can increase severity and fatality rate. 

Further, in rural areas these diseases are even more rampant due to lack of proper initial diagnostic aids. The high cost of diagnosis and subsequent treatment is one big reason dengue is left untreated among the economically weak.

The Technique Combines Best of Two Worlds: Portable and Cheaper Diagnosis

Intending to offer a viable solution to patients suffering from dengue scientist at the University of Alberta discovered equipment to detect dengue diseases. The device is both cheaper and faster as compared to the traditional devices. It requires just a small sample of blood and a portable tester that could help doctors find prevalence of the disease.

As per Ninad Mehta, the lead researchers most of the tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya and zika have the same initial symptoms. This often leads to false diagnosis and even leads to mortality. The new technique will help reduce the time taken for the diagnosis of diseases. Lastly, it will help those living in rural areas easy availability of diagnostic equipment for diagnosis of the disease.