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Sciclone Pharmaceuticals Director Sold Stocks of the Company

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Published on : May 19, 2015

Richard Hawkins, the director at Sciclone Pharmaceuticals, yesterday sold SCLN stocks for an amount of US$171.5k.

SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical organization, which has a significant commercial business in the mainland China and has a product portfolio of diversified therapies for conditions such as infectious diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and oncology.

This transaction is the first one for Richard Hawkins since the a Buy transaction on CYTX, which was done in the month of May, 2015 Along with Richard Hawkins, there are three other executives of SCLN, who has reported Sell trades in the previous month.

On the basis of latest earnings report of Sciclone Pharmaceuticals from 31st March, the organization has reported the quarterly earned revenue as US$33.57 million and quarterly net profit as US$8.96 million. In case of comparison, in the last year, the company generated revenue of around US$26.57 million and enjoyed a net profit of US$4.13M. According to the executives of SCLN’s, the company’s market cap is of US$463.3 million and the company bears a 16.3% P/E ratio.  The company has a 1 year high of US$9.67 and a one year low of US$4.68.

Taking into consideration, the blogger coverage of SCLN, there is a Bullish tendency of 100% on the stocks, in association to an average bullish tendency of 67% through the Healthcare industry.

In the last three months, Sciclone Pharmaceuticals’ insider sentiment has been recorded as neutral on the basis of 11 corporate insider transactions. The mentioned sentiment is a bit lower if compared to the average sector sentiment of insiders.