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Scarcity of Freshwater Resources Prompt Oil and Gas Companies to Adopt Effective Water Management Solutions

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Published on : May 17, 2016

Efficient usage and management of water in industrial setups is the need of today’s time when fresh water resources are becoming increasingly scarce and urban and industrial activities are threatening global water systems by polluting the water resources that are presently at the world’s disposal. This is the reason why water management for the oil and gas industry is a big market. The market, which comprises several techniques for the efficient management of the water that is utilized across several operations and activities in the global oil and gas industry, has exhibited significant expansion in the past few years.

The water management market for oil and gas industry is being significantly driven by the rising inclination of global oil and gas production companies towards unconventional exploration and production techniques, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which require huge volumes of fresh water. Owing to the scarcity of freshwater resources across the globe, oil and gas companies are compelled to adhere to practices that can allow water saving and recycling. This trend is driving an increased demand for efficient water management solutions in the global oil and gas industry.

Companies are adopting a wide range of approaches for efficiently manage water in the oil and gas industry. Here is a snapshot of some of the most popular approaches adopted by companies:

  • Use of Brackish Water Instead of Freshwater: many oil and gas companies, especially in water-deficient regions, have started to study the potential use of brackish water as a replacement to freshwater. Several regulations are also being instigated by water conservation bodies in several regional markets that aim at limiting the use of freshwater for oil and gas exploration activities. This will also lead to the increased focus on finding the potential used of brackish water in the oil and gas industry. 
  • Reuse of Oilfield Wastewater: When unconventional oil and gas exploration and production activities are utilized, high volumes of flowback fluids are generated. Companies are increasingly finding use of these fluids in a variety of applications that traditionally used freshwater.