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Saudi Arabia Indicts People for Extremist Tweets

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Published on : Aug 14, 2017

Microblogging site Twitter, along with other social media platforms, has become a powerful tool in the hands of extremists to mentally indoctrinate people. The conflict-torn Middle East has seen this happen time and again.  Most recently, when a group of Twitter users misused the handle to spread extremism yet again in Saudi Arabia, its government decided to take action by indicting them. The culprits have been formally accused of threatening the “safety and moderate ideology of society,” as per a statement on Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the state news agency.

SPA also revealed that Saudi Arabia’s chief prosecutor had summoned the Twitter users on Sunday, but refrained from naming them or specifying the exact reasons behind their indictment.

Government Does not Clarify if Radical Sunni Priest One among Arrested

A Ministry of Culture and Information spokesperson, a short while back, had tweeted informing that radical Sunni cleric Ali al-Rabieei, was being interrogated by a "publication crimes" committee for certain unspecified violations.

Officials in the Ministry, however, refused to clarify if Rabieei was one of the accused.

In the Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia, Rabieei's tweets are known to pummel the minority Shi'ites. Saudi Arabia, which has seen many deadly terrorist attacks this year backed by the Islamic State militants has become highly cautious about politically incorrect Tweets and other social media posts.

Not just the Saudi Arabian government, the entire world of late has woken up to the misuse of various social media platforms to spread extremism and terrorism. Twitter, for example, has suspended many accounts for promoting terrorism. In fact, Facebook and Twitter recently held an anti-extremism alliance summit to figure out means to stamp out sectarian mindset and violence being promoted through the internet and social media platforms.