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Samsung to Invest US$18 Billion on Chip Production in South Korea

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Published on : Jul 04, 2017

One of the World’s largest memory chip manufacturer, Samsung Electronics Co., has announced that a total of 20.4 trillion won (roughly about US$18 billion) will be invested by the end of 2021 in its South Korea’s semiconductor output.

Primarily known among the consumers for its smartphones and televisions, Samsung earns its most prominent chunk of profits from its chips business, and this huge investment is a clear indication that the company sees a flourishing future for the market for memory chips. Samsung, based out of Suwon, has also announced a commitment of 6 trillion won in order to increase its production in Hwaseong, whereas a new display manufacturing site is also being considered for organic light-emitting diodes by 2018.

New Semiconductor Fabrication Line in Pyeongtaek Begins Mass Production

Within two years since it broke ground in in May 2015, the first product by this new facility are ready to be shipped to the customers. The focus, however, remains on the production of the company’s fourth-generation V-NAND, which is expected to add to Samsung’s dominance on memory products market. The company has recognized the recent IT trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive technologies, and big data, and has decided to reinforce its manufacturing capabilities with increased investments.


Samsung Planning for Second Fabrication Outlet in Xi’an, China

The company already has a semiconductor fabrication facility in Xi’an in China, which was constructed in 2014 and is currently in full operation. In addition to that, Samsung is also considering another one in the same city in order to provide strength to its global fabrication network and aid to the development of the IT industry.