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Samsung Launches the Massive Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Key Review Details

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Published on : Aug 13, 2018

Two years ago, Samsung notoriously became known for the exploding Galaxy Note devices. However, the company learnt to implement more rigorous checks, and now has released the highly awaited Galaxy Note 9. Go through the review details below to understand more about this release.

With a Large Size, Samsung Goes Bigger On Features Than Before

Samsung has released the device in two variants – 6GB of RAM with 128GB storage memory, and 8GB of RAM with 512GB memory. Although providing these features has increased the cost substantially, the company has ensured that users will get build a sturdy built quality. The first variant will be available for US$999.99, whereas the other one will be available at US$1295.99. Samsung has now included the Wireless Charging Duo, which basically is a charging pad. It helps charge the phone from zero to 100 percent in about three hours.

In terms of battery capacity, the phone is expected to give about 22 hours of normal usage. Thus, users can expect an even longer life if they do not use the phone on a highly frequent basis. Samsung provides a 4000mAh battery, which is about 700mAh more than its previous release. And probably this is the phone’s secret to stay up all day long, even into the night. This is the largest battery capacity Samsung has ever fitted onto a Note device. Such a mammoth battery is something users were expecting for a long time.

Then comes the highly useful S-pen in the form of remote control, which is very handy after a while. The pen serves as an alternative for those who do not own a compatible smartwatch. S-Pen now sports Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing it to efficiently control different device aspects. From an overall perspective, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a device that packs in a plethora of features, thus ready to sell like hot cakes in the market.