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Salesforce inks Strategic Cloud Deal with Google for New Integrations

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Published on : Nov 07, 2017

The competition in the cloud computing market is visibly getting more intense. The ecosystem is characterized by a host of strategic partnerships among prominent technology players and cloud service providers in recent years, powered by infrastructural expansion. salesforce.com, inc. and Google LLC entered into a collaboration on November 6, 2017 that will enable the former to integrate their tools with Google Cloud and Google Analytics. The strategic collaboration, dubbed as one-of-its kind by the partners, will expectedly allow for better and smarter experiences for the customers. In a bid to consolidate its infrastructure globally, Salesforce named Google as the preferred partner for its core services. Specifically, G Suite will be preferred as its key email and productivity provider.

Of note, Salesforce has already roped in Amazon Web Services as its partner and nursed vast ambitions in integration plans with Microsoft, starting 2014. The current deal is likely to up the ante in the cloud services stakeholder ecosystem.

Deeper CRM Integrations Likely in 2018

The partnership will allow San Francisco-headquartered cloud computing provider to leverage the cloud-native platform capabilities of G Suite for evolving some seemingly exciting integrations for its customer relationship management (CRM) offering. For instance, customers using Salesforce CRM can access integration features through Gmail, Sheets, Drive, Docs, Hangouts Meet, and Calendar. A growing number of companies will be able to use these features, with certain qualified ones will be able to access G Suite at no additional cost, for up to one year, Salesforce announced.

Google cloud team considers Salesforce as the preferred provider for its CRM applications and is using them to get meaningful insights into its customers. Of note, integration such as Lightning for Gmail and several ones with Google Drive and Calendar are already being used. More extensive integrations are planned for 2018, Google announces.