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Sale of Kid’s Smartwatches to Increase - The Most Opportunistic Market Segment in Global Smartwatches Market

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Published on : Jul 14, 2016

Smartwatches have been in the global market for quite a while, but the demand for kid’s smartwatches has increased only five years ago. Smartwatches from Android and Apple have been attracting many customers since they were first introduced. The global smartwatches market now includes many brands aiming at manufacturing watches for the young customers.  As several new companies have entered the mainstream, the global smart watches market has become highly competitive. 

Apple Inc. and Sony Corporation have plans to expand their production of smartwatches for the kids. With the advent of wearable technology, smartwatches have become more fashionable. Organizations manufacturing varieties of smartwatches are concentrating on customizing their products to match the changing trends of customers. By doing this, brands aim to increase their customer base in the years to come. High-end smartwatches are in demand among the youth as they look to flaunt their style while socializing. The demand for mid-range and budget smartwatches is also expected to increase owing to the available variety. 

The use of different operating systems in smartwatches has helped them become more technology-friendly. Some of the operating systems currently used in smartwatches are Android Wear OS, Tizen OS, Watch OS, Linkit OS, and Pebble OS. Smartwatches with technologies such as Bluetooth or near-field communication have become popular among the patrons. 

Long gone are the days when brands ruled the wristwatches market with their digital watches. Today, smartwatches have taken over traditional and digital wristwatches. As kids segment is the most opportunistic segment in the global smartwatches market, manufacturers are aiming to manufacture more trendy, sporty, and stylish products to match their needs. 

Kid’s smartwatches are not only stylish but also help them track their health and fitness level. This is the reason why kid’s smartwatches have become popular among those who wish to become athletes and sportsmen. Currently, organizations are offering innovative smartwatches, meant for the kids, to enable them to manage their health and fitness. 

Overall, rising commercialization, increasing government funding, and rising investments in research and development activities are expected to propel the global smartwatches market. However, low battery life is the major issue that manufacturers of smartwatches will have to tackle.