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Sale of Egg as Cheap Source of Protein to Resurge

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Published on : Apr 15, 2015

According to a recently conducted research study by Neilson, sales of food, which featured labeled health attributes such as organic, gluten free, and GMO-free rose by 13 per cent. Food companies and manufacturers from worldwide are juggling from capitalizing on one eating habit to another to ensure a sustainable growth of operations from sale of products tailored to suit new tastes. However, it is not a cakewalk for manufacturers in the industry to project eating habits. 

It has been observed, most often a new found food, taste or health trend becomes a part of our daily lives. The food manufacturing companies try and predict the trend as well as keep a track on the same. This is extremely important for food manufacturing companies since it is a common tendency among buyers to change preferences and turn away from old adherences in favor of food considered to be healthier as well as tastier. 

Present day shoppers have exhibited increased inclination towards health food alternatives such as skim milk, as reported in the findings of a research conducted by Nielsen. Similarly, the sales of butter and eggs have resurged after registering years of steep fall in demand. It is important to note here, the rise in demand for eggs and butter has been reported amidst high demand for low fat diets and rising awareness pertaining to the adverse effects of cholesterol. Eggs are now seen by consumers as a rich source of protein. Moreover, benefits of egg yolk and egg white are identified individually. 

Another factor positively impacting the food trend is the incumbent culinary fashion. For instance, cricket flower at present it pitched as a cheap source of protein by a handful of small companies. 

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