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SafeUT App turns a Life Saver for Utah

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Published on : Jul 02, 2019

The University of Neuropsychiatric in collaboration with Utah State launched a unique mobile app called SafetUT. This app is a student safety reporting app for smartphones. It is a unique tool that provides immediate help through phone calls and text messages to the students in crisis. This help though chats and phone calls come from certified UNI counselors.

The app has turned out to be a massive help for Utah's community with its urgent responses and timely help. It has also helped in curtaining the increasing demand for mental health resources in the state of Utah. The numbers hint at app's popularity and importance. In 2016, there were around 3,924 chats and tips shared with students suffering from mental health issues or safety in public place such as schools. By the end of FY 2018, this number shot up to staggering 30,474.

Inability to Cope with Emotional Pain is the Primary Reason behind Suicides

SafeUT offers a painful insight into the mental health issues faced by both adults and children. According to the counselors, the individuals often look for an outlet to ease their emotional pain. Usually, the inability to cope with emotional pain leads them to attempt suicide or other forms of self-harm. SafeUT is working towards helping kids and adults alike to reach out to others for help in an event of a crisis.

A UNI call center in the Salt Lake City manages the app. The app also keeps tabs on potential incidents and threats of violence at school. In 2018, UNI received around 286 potential school threats about the use of explosives, knives, guns, and planned attacks on schools. Further, these threats were from 448 verified sources. Several men and women work at the call center and help the incoming threats and cries for help.