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SaaS Technology Changing HR Outsourcing Industry

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Published on : Mar 19, 2015

According to a research report that includes a roundtable survey of CIOs, CEOs, CHROs, and various consultants and investors in the human capital management outsourcing area, the SaaS technology is rapidly growing in Chicago. The report was released by Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL).   

The SaaS technology is shifting the overall competitive landscape in the Payroll and HRMS industry area, said an insider in the business services. The report that is now available online also examines the drivers of the various specific valuations in the overall marketplace. These valuations are supported by the findings from the leading consultants, investors, CEOs and CIOs of the HMOS. 

Based on the functionality and overall infrastructure of the technology and the different implications on the valuations proposed, the importance of the SaaS offerings has been discussed in the HR technology market. 

The recent mergers and acquisitions activities are also reflective of the premium value involved in the SaaS market. The market is currently experiencing high growth due to large industry players seeking for some access in the small business. They are also looking for ways to enhance their solution offerings in the middle markets that are known to generate maximum industry revenue. 

Some of the basic requirements involved within an organization have been commoditized. These premiums are being paid for their analytic capabilities and higher order business applications that are the core of the HR financial, added CEO of Greenwood Technology Partners. 

He mentioned this in a portfolio of a private equity fund company.  

The banking firms in the middle market investment release the reports on the following industries building products, business services, automotive, consumer products, energy and environmental services, construction materials, life sciences, and healthcare, metals, and plastics, industrials, and packaging.