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Russia’s Yandex Trying to Prevent Top Coders from Heading towards West

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Published on : Aug 06, 2014

The top coders from Russia’s Yandex are heading towards the West to organizations such as Facebook and Google, however, Yandex is trying to prevent this. Silicon Valley is abundant with star programmers who are from the Eastern bloc origins, some examples are WhatApp’s Jan koum, Google’s Sergey Brin, and PayPal’s Max Levchin.

Tech giants in the U.S. are trying to grab the upcoming generation of code wizards from this region, while Russia’s Yandex is not ready to see them leave. Hence, the organization is trying to maintain its good haul of the expert coders by heading itself a bit towards the West.

In this month, the owner of the largest Internet search engine in Russia has invited around 25 young programmers to the final of their Yandex. Algorithm challenge. This event was held for the first time out of the country at the new headquarters of the company in Berlin. Attracting regional talented program was a big task.

Organizations such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are trying to implement the same strategy, because Russia currently holds the top place in ranking of competitive coders globally. This is followed by Poland and Ukraine, while U.S. is in the sixth place.

During the challenge event, participants had to solve six tasks in less than hundred minutes, and one task included helping users of Yandex’s music app for receiving recommendations for songs.

In the long run, Russia’s Yandex aims to win the greater share of highly-skilled graduates who will lead one day when they rival Google product around the world.

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