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Robots and AI will be Your Future Work Wives

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Published on : May 14, 2019

Robotics and artificial intelligence collectively are not ready to transform the way researchers work. Now, the way in which they collect data, analyze it, carry out experiment, and innovate new technologies is likely to change. Innovation is evolving robotics, a technology that was unimaginable a few years back. 

Artificial intelligence and robotics aim to simplify routine, thus making life easy. These tasks are either expensive, tedious, or time consuming when humans perform them. 

For instance, single stream recycling is easy for buyers. However, it’s a strenuous task for recycling firms as workers have to sort piles of recycled products into different category. The sorting mainly includes segregation of metal, plastic, paper, and glass. So, a new technology, RoCycle system, which detects objects basis size and texture promises to resolve this issue. This helps in differentiating metal, plastic, and paper.

AI in Defense 

Besides this, robotics and AI also find applications in defense organizations. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories collaborated to improve properties of hypersonic vehicles. At present, a test launch of a long range missile takes around a week’s planning prior the execution. However, with the help of robotics and AI, scientists believe, it can be achieved in lesser duration.

Apart from this, artificial intelligence is used in several upcoming technologies. One such example is adoption by IBM to streamline chemical experiments. Before this, it was almost humanly impossible for scientist to keep a track of millions of experiments they perform. However, it has become simpler now through a ML based platform - IBM RXN. This helps users with a  tool to input molecule with various reactants, and note the reactions.