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Robotic Automation Process – An AI Driven Path for Greater Efficiency

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Published on : Jul 03, 2019

Nowadays, robots are already being deployed alongside humans across several industries. However, the work these robots do is not exactly as per the general perception. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses these robots or more precisely robotic AI workers to aid industries to automate a broad range of activities and workloads.

UiPath: Helping Businesses to be More Productive

UiPath has a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. With this platform, UiPath provides software robots to several industries and businesses to facilitate automating mundane and repetitive tasks. With help from these robots, human employees can then concentrate more on fulfilling strategic work. This can consequently allow them to be more productive. It will also help fuel new and innovative ideas among the employees, consequently benefitting growth in the company.

One such instance is UiPath’s Japanese client – Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). With the help of the robotic process automation platform, SMBC has been able to save over one million man-hours.

In 2017, UiPath moved its head office in New York, a known hub for software companies. The motive of the firm was to integrate itself into the vibrant tech and business community of the city. Additionally, some of the company’s early clientele was based out of New York. It certainly helped in the overall set up.

Several companies are now using the RPA platform to bring in more efficiency in their work. RPA is used across almost all functions and industries such as human resources, customer service, IT, accounting, and finance among others. Work-related activities such as organizing incoming information, populating spreadsheets or forms, and processing transactions among several others can make use of RPA.

Businesses as well as employees can avail the benefits of the RPA platform. For instance, State Auto, an insurance company, uses RPA for its back-office tasks. RPA allows filing of thousands of policies without any error at a rapid pace. It helped the company to save over 65,000 man hours.