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Rising Number of Hotels to Drive Demand for Refrigerated Counters Market, Here’s How

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Published on : Oct 07, 2016

Globally, the demand for refrigerated counters has been increasing since the recent past. This is because of the presence of a wide chain of small-scale and large-scale hotels and restaurants. The number of coffee shops is also increasing globally, which is another factor expected to contribute towards the growth of the global refrigerated counters market. 

The Western culture of eating meals at hotels is catching up fast across the globe. Thanks to the changing lifestyles and the rising disposable income, people are able to spend more on hotels and luxury restaurants. 

Food Quality Regulations to Drive Demand for Refrigerated Counters

The regulations to maintain the quality of food and beverages are changing globally. Consuming fresh and quality food and beverages is the need of the hour. The rising demand for canned food, processed and frozen food and beverages is expected to drive the demand for refrigerated counters in many emerging nations. Additionally, the implication of government rules to manage energy consumption and minimize the usage of harmful refrigerants is predicted to propel the demand for refrigerated counters. 

Rising Catering Services to Boost Sales of Refrigerated Counters

Catering services are being increasing in many emerging nations across the globe. Different catering services such as location-based catering, full-service catering, and quick-service catering are demanding highest quality refrigerated counters to store different food products and beverages.   The rising IT population has led to the rise in the demand for catering services. With this, the sales of refrigerated counters are expected to increase in the years to come. 

The demand for refrigerated counters such as pizza counters, bakery counters, chef base, and freezers is predicted to increase, which is a key driver for the global refrigerated counter market.

While the global refrigerated counter market is spread across the globe, the demand for modern and advanced refrigerated counters is the highest in North America.