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Rising Interest in Tourism, Photography to Boost Global Digital Cameras Market

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Published on : Mar 21, 2016

Digital cameras are the culmination of the long process of the development and refinement of photography. They are among the most commonly used consumer electronics in the world and are expected to witness steady growth in demand in the coming years. The digital cameras market benefitted massively from digitization and the rise of social media. With sharing photographs with the world now simpler than ever owing to the popularity of websites such as Facebook and Instagram, the market for digital cameras is set to grow handsomely in the coming years.

The digital cameras market has benefited massively from the growing tourism sector. People from across the world are becoming more interested in traveling both within their own countries and across the world. Increasing disposable incomes and the rising ease of going just about anywhere across the world are fueling the tourism sector. Digital cameras, being one of the most important travel accessories, have experienced rising demand as a result.

Innovations and Falling Prices of Digital Cameras Propel Global Market
The global digital cameras market has also benefitted from the rising interest in amateur as well as professional photography. The relative ease of using a digital camera, particularly a point-and-shoot camera, has led to many people taking up photography as a hobby, while the importance of photojournalism in today’s media-centric world has resulted in high-end digital cameras rising in demand.

The development of the global digital cameras market is expected to be fueled by innovations such as touchscreen interfaces, wireless connectivity, improved zoom and improved optical equipment, etc. These and other such innovations have brought photography closer to the masses and thus driven the global digital cameras market. The low prices and relatively high technical sophistication of entry-level digital cameras have also had a similar impact on the trajectory of the global digital cameras market.