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Rising Environmental Concerns Boost Global Market for Electronic Scrap Recycling

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Published on : Feb 23, 2016

Increasing disposal and land-filing of electronic wastes or e-wastes has emerged as a critical challenge in front governments across the world. For years, indiscriminate dumping of electronic wastes has been creating havoc worldwide, aggravating the already persisting environmental issues such as air and water pollution. Considering, the rising usage of electronic devices and the evolution of more sophisticated technologies promising to make human life easier than before, the problem of e-waste disposal is anticipated to increase by multiple manifolds. Recycling, on the contrary, has emerged as the most viable solutions enabling world to tackle the aforementioned concerns. 

Recycling Electronic Scraps Enables Authorities to Curb Air and Water Pollution

E-wastes commonly consist of unwanted and broken electronic and electrical devices. They also include peripherals such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, computers, printers, refrigerators, televisions, and similar electronic products. Recycling till date is the most potent solution of mitigating the mounting concerns of electronic wastes. The process includes dismantling the e-wastes and recycling them for future use. This way, it is also be possible to conserve the undamaged natural resource. Besides, recycling e-wastes will also enable authorities to curb the air and water pollution, which are most commonly associated with electronic scraps. Driven by such factors the global electronic scraps recycling market is anticipated to exhibit exponential growth. 

Implementation of Stringent Regulations to Boost Global Electronic Scrap Recycling Market

As per the findings of a study by the Federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. alone witnesses more than 4 million tons of electronic wastes dumped every year. The number is likely to increase tremendously in the next few years. Such rising environmental concerns, along with the implementation of stringent regulations supporting recycling of electronic scraps, will give a major impetus to the global electronic scrap recycling market.  

The global market for electronic scrap recycling is consolidated in nature with only a handful of companies dominating the market. The prominent enterprises operating in the company are looking to expand their businesses in order to gain a competitive edge. Some of the leading players operating in the market include Stena Technoworld AB, Electronic Recyclers International, Inc., Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Materials USA Corporation, Boliden Group, and others.