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Rising Demand for Non-Rigid Airships Keeps Companies on the Cutting Edge of Innovation in Global Airships Market

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Published on : Nov 16, 2016

Airships moves through the air with the help of their own power and are lifted in the air with helium and hydrogen. Different types of airships are being utilized predominantly for surveillance purposes owing to the fact that safety has come up as a key concern nowadays. There are a number of factors providing impetus to the global airships market such as their capabilities to carry heavy loads at low cost and less energy consumption in comparison with other traditional aircrafts. In addition, the continuous technological developments taking place in the airships market will also bode well for market growth.

Non-Rigid Airships to Remain at Forefront owing to their Economical Prices

There are primarily three types of airships present in the market, namely non-rigid, rigid, and semi-rigid airships. Amongst these, the segment of non-rigid airships is predicted to hold a lead position in the market owing to their economical prices. In addition, due to the light weight of non-rigid airships, a number of companies and marketing agencies are also employing non-rigid airships. On the basis of application, the study categorizes the market into cargo transport, advertisement, commercial tours, research, surveillance, and others. At present, airships are being extensively employed in the surveillance and advertisement segments.

Increasing Demand from U.S. to Boost North America Airships Market

In terms of regions, the market is categorized into Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Amongst these, the North America airships market is poised to lead the market owing to the large demand experienced from the U.S. The proliferation of top manufacturers in this nation and the introduction of cutting-edge products that can bare hydrogen gas’ high inflammability will boost the development of the market in North America. On the other hand, Europe has also experienced a swift growth in the market for airships due to the increasing demand for airships on account of the booming industry of tourism.

The top players operating in the global airships market are Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GMBH, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd., Shanghai Vantage Airship Manufacture Co. Ltd., and Lindstrand Technologies Ltd., among others.