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Rising Demand for Emerging Nations Drives Feminine Hygiene Products Market in Asia Pacific

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Published on : Jan 05, 2016

With growing awareness and self-consciousness, especially among the women population of the world, the market for feminine hygiene products is poised to grow exponentially. Asia Pacific exhibits lucrative prospects for the feminine hygiene products market as women in the urban community start demanding for more convenient to use and better quality products. While Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia constitute the most lucrative markets for feminine hygiene products in Asia Pacific, India has also been identified as one of the emerging markets teeming with lucrative opportunities. 

With 70% of the India’s population still living in rural areas, the country holds strong promise for the feminine hygiene products market if they capitalize on widespread unmet needs of the country’s female population, particularly those domiciled in the rural areas. Moreover, the Indian government has launched several initiatives such as “ASHA” to spread awareness about the importance of maintaining feminine hygiene and distribute free samples of useful sanitary products. Such initiatives will not only spread awareness but will also boost the opportunities for the feminine hygiene products market in India. 

Among the aforementioned countries, China shows the most promising growth in terms of a market for feminine hygiene product in Asia Pacific. The China market particularly focuses on the research and development of innovative products to suit the dynamic consumer preference. Hence, the market therefore, witnesses proactive investment from manufacturers and the corresponding launch of innovative products very frequently. The growing population in China also aids the growth and expansion of the feminine hygiene products market in the country. 

Therefore, encouraged by the prevailing market dynamics, manufacturers are seemingly keen to invest on advertising campaigns targeting the Asia Pacific market. Furthermore, the growing demand for feminine hygiene products in China and Japan also gives a boost to the market for feminine hygiene products in Asia Pacific. These products are made available through ecommerce websites, retailers, department stores, convenient stores, hypermarkets, dollar stores, general merchandise retailers, beauty stores, as well as pharmacies. 

Rapid urbanization and growing population will also give a major boost to the Asia Pacific market for feminine hygiene products.