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Published on : May 15, 2014

Many people might wonder what causes a medicine to work effectively for some people while completely fail for some other. Scientists say that the effect differs according to one’s genes. 

Discoveries about a huge range of conditions inflicted and affected by the genetic makeup of living beings and its effect on the physical traits of a person have been made by the scientists.    
Now, exceptional insights have been sought by scientists about the influence of genetic variation on drug response and complex diseases through metabolism. 

Researchers have found out that the association between nearly 145 genetic regions and more than 400 molecules related with human metabolism in the blood can help understand the link between metabolic molecules and diseases. 

Metabolic molecules are known to be the products of all biological pathways. The study of associations between genetic regions and metabolic molecules provides us a powerful tool to discover genes that could help us develop effective diagnostic tests and drugs adhering to a wide array of medical conditions.

These associations could also bring a better understanding of the biology behind the various medical conditions and complex diseases affecting human beings.