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Researchers Pave Way to Commercialize Clean Energy

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Published on : Sep 05, 2019

The need for energy is increasing at a rapid rate with the increase of population. As per a study, it has been observed that world population will touch 10 billion in 2050. In such situation there should be some alternate source of energy that is capable of suppling energy to huge such huge populations.

Further the conventional sources of energy are depilating at a rapid rate and the fossil fuel stored in the natural reserve will not be enough to meet requirement people’s requirement. Secondly, the energy produced by fossil fuel comes with several drawbacks. They are polluting air quality, increasing global warming and disturbing the natural balance. Hence there is a need of alternate sources of energy that is clean and capable of the satisfying the need of growing populations.

Sun Could Fulfil the Rising Energy Demands 

Sun is one of the biggest sources of clean energy. Nevertheless, there is no viable and sustainable solution to storage immense energy. With a will to create a sustainable clean energy device, researchers at ASU's Biodesign Center are exploring new ways to efficiently use sun’s energy. The researchers are optimistic about a model that they created by integrating light-gathering semiconductors and catalytic materials. The device is capable of storing sun energy however there the model is at present in papers. It has to be tested under clinical environment to understand it functioning.

Further the researchers also pointed out the use of other hybrid technologies to make this model more efficient.