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Researchers Develop Better Batteries Keeping in View the Principle Observed in Mollusks

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Published on : Feb 12, 2015

Recently, researchers and scientists carried out an experiment that involved the isolation of a peptide, which is essentially a biological molecule that binds efficiently with lithium manganese nickel oxide. This is a substance that is generally used for making cathode in batteries that are of high performance. The peptide has the capacity to stick to nanosized LMNO particles and then connect these to conductive elements of the electrode of a battery. This as a result improves the overall power and also the electrode’s stability.  

A prominent issue facing the battery researchers is the fact that it is rather challenging to work with nanoscale components and materials, since these cannot easily be held in place and are difficult to control due to their tiny miniature size. However, this problem can be tackled quite smoothly. Electrodes of Li-ion batteries which are nanostructured exhibit several positives over electrodes that are basically of bulk materials. This also includes short distances for particles that carry charges to travel. Also, a high area of the surface ensures that active sites take place for electrochemical reactions. All of this translates to long lasting and light batteries. 

One of the main inspirations for such a research has been the fact that mollusks utilize peptides for controlling their shell growth. Interestingly, they also exhibit brilliant control for building detailed macro and nano structures that are derived from inorganic substances such as calcium carbonate. The main approach being applied in the experiments have been borrowed from the principle that is followed in mollusks. 

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