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Researchers Develop a Flexible, Wearable Medical Alert System

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Published on : Feb 23, 2015

The Tokyo University researchers have developed a unique, self powered, and flexible medical alert device in the wearable product category. The wearable is a fever alarm arm band that will help monitor the patient’s heart rate. It will be unveiled in the International Solid State Circuitls Conference to be organized in San Francisco by this week. 

The group who developed the device is led by Professor Takayasu Sakurai from the Institute of Industrial Science and Professor Takao Someya from the Graduate School of Engineering. The medical group combined piezoelectric speaker, solar panel, power supply circuit, and temperature sensor to create a flexible organic component in a wearable package. 

When a patient wears this device, it will constantly monitor his heart rate and body temperatures. The device is designed to benefit patient care especially in case of treatments in elderly and infants. The researchers incorporated organic components that can be printed on a thin film using inkjet printer to deliver this coming-of-age flexible solution. Several firsts are included in the fever alarm armband. The medical device is slated to be the first of its kind to produce sound and have an in-built circuit for organic power supply. 

Professor Someya said that, the development of fever alarm armband showcased that it was possible to produce disposable and flexible device that will promote constant monitoring of patients’ health and will help the heathcare institutions to get an enhanced volume of information. The researchers are confident about the fact that the device is set to become a major ground breaking innovation in the field of medical and pharmaceuticals. It is designed to cater to different and mist crucial requirements of medical field most efficiently.

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