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Research Claims 25% Sea Level Rise Caused by Melting Greenland Ice

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Published on : Jun 27, 2017

According to a recent study, in 2014, ocean levels have increased at a rate 50% faster than they did in 1993, and the water from melting of ice in Greenland is responsible for supplying 25% of the rise in sea level. Only five years ago, the same cause resulted in a rise in sea level by only 5%.

Sea Levels and Concerns Rising

These findings are adding fuel to the growing concerns regarding the global watermark, that the mark has been rising much faster than what was forecast only a few years ago. The consequences of the current accelerated rate can be extremely negative consequences, state the researchers. Millions of people inhabit the coastal and low-lying delta regions around the world, due to better climate to live in and favorable agricultural environment. These people are now highly vulnerable to the rising sea water levels, a problem compounded by the sinking of land and the depletion of water tables. The availability of silt is further restrained due to the construction of more and more dams that hold back fresh water.

Coastal Cities Under Threat

Key coastal cities as well as island states have to be wary of these changes, as several locations are already taking efforts to laying down the groundwork for when the water levels become unsuitable for living. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had previously made calculations assuming that the sea water levels will be rising at a constant rate. This is a relatively conservative assumption compared to the blazing rate at which the sea levels have actually risen in the past few years.

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