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Renewed PPP Model Emphasizes on the Bottom of the Pyramid of Agricultural Sector

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Published on : Mar 02, 2015

India’s budget is very comprehensive as it seeks to obtain a thorough balance between sustainable growth and inclusiveness. It focuses on the savings in the middle class as well as emphasizes on the core of the pyramid. 

India has used a pragmatic approach in this. It is used to stabilize the economy and maintain the inflation under check. While the emphasis on Make in India is strong, the measures for enhancing the skilled workforce in the country are paving new way for National Skills Mission for advanced entrepreneurship and skilled development at the cost of Rs 1,500 crore. 

It will help to set up new institutes to become a globally recognized manufacturing hub. 

In terms of agriculture in India, the increased NABARD fund boosting the rural growth and creating more job opportunities in the rural areas is rising. Higher micro irrigation activities including organic farming can boost more investments in the country. This also creates more bases for setting up more producer companies including small time farmers aggregation. It will eliminate the middle men and build a full supply chain to deliver enhanced customer services.  

The plan to set up National unified market for farm production is an encouragement for better farming and rapid growth in the agricultural sector. Also, the tax exemption for certain pre-cold storage services and food grains transportation will add value in the farm to fork sector. 

The renewed model will boost the private investors in the cold chain sectors too.