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Rejuvenation of Old Senescent Cells for Novel Anti-Aging Therapies

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Published on : Nov 08, 2017

For decades there have been relentless research into cell rejuvenation techniques and for discovering novel anti-degenerative therapies in various organisms. These developments bode enormous potential in mitigating the degenerative effects of ageing in humans and offer a sound scientific basis for improving the lives of an aging populations. Previous research have attributed the reduced cellular adaptability in older people to the dysregulation in the class of genes called splicing factor expression. The inadequate splicing for health is characterized by inactive senescent cells, as well as shortening of telomere length, wherein these factors are in switched off mode in older people. This is found to be a key determinant of physiological frailty as people age.

A discovery, considered as a breakthrough in aging research, has shown that the splicing factor expression can be appropriately modulated using small molecules, thereby increasing the telomere length, and helping older people escape from the cellular senescence. The study conducted by a team of researchers from numerous institutes in the U.K. at the University of Exeter and the University of Brighton, is funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust. The study is published online on 17 October 2017 in the open series of the journal BMC Cell Biology.

Resveratrol-related Compounds Could Modulate Splicing Factor Expression Helping People to Age Better

The team of researchers found that the splicing factors can be regulated using chemicals called resveratrol analogues. The experiment conducted on senescent cultures of fibroblasts under suitable growth conditions found that treating with resveralogues enabled old cells to rescue the features of senescence, increased the telomere length, and resumed cell proliferation. The splicing factors are found to be largely responsible for signaling cells to perform functions in case of to fight against the degenerative age-related pathology.

Novel Anti-Degenerative Therapies to Focus on Small Molecule Modulation

The results will help people to live a healthier live throughout the lifespan, notably helping them to avoid age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and certain cancer types. However, according to one of the key researchers, further research is required to establish the validity and efficacy of these approaches in humans. With further studies, the results may prove promising for establishing small molecule modulators of such targets, helping in the search for novel anti-degenerative therapies.

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