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Reddit Removes Accounts Responsible for Misleading Russian Propaganda

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Published on : Apr 11, 2018

Social media network Reddit claims it has uncovered 944 accounts related to Internet Research Agency (IRA), the troll farm from Russia held responsible for spreading misleading information and carrying out propaganda on social media sites in the U.S. in the run up to 2016 presidential elections. It now plans to purge those accounts.

The company revealed that 316 posts generated from the Russian accounts have been made the pro-Tump page which is a huge hit. They are held responsible for meddling in the elections held in 2016 through Trump-centric propaganda, which enabled the New York-based businessman to win a decisive verdict.

The IRA based out of St. Petersburg in Russia, has employees numbering over hundred who promote content which is pro-Kremlin through phoney social media accounts, claim the U.S. researchers and lawmakers.

Russian Companies and Individuals Charged with Tampering with Presidential Campaign

The U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller has charged 3 Russian companies, including the IRA, and 13 Russians for indulging in criminal acts via espionage conspiracy for tampering with the presidential campaign to promote Donald Trump’s image by disparaging Hillary Clinton.

In a court document made public on last February it was said that the accused strategically intended to create discord in the political mechanism of the nation, with the 2016 election being no exception.

Moscow, however, so far has denied any wrongdoings to create victory for Trump.

Following the announcement by Reddit, the U.S. Senator Mark Warner said that he would continue pushing for more aggressive and proactive approach by the social media companies and intelligence leaders in the nation to deal with such threats.