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Record Connection Speed Achieved by 5G Researchers

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Published on : Feb 26, 2015

A record breaking speed has been managed during the test of 5G data connection, according to scientists.

The scientists at the University of Surrey’s for 5G Innovation Center or 5GIC were able to achieve a connection speed of 1 tera bit per second, which is thousands of times faster than current data connections.

The head of the center at 5GIC stated that he hoped to demonstrate the technology in public in the year 2018. According to Ofcom the technology of 5G will be available in the Great Britain by the end of 2020.

At the speed of 1 Tbps, it will become possible to download a file for around 100 times the size of a feature film in just about three seconds. This means the speed of 5G will be around 65,000 times faster than the average speed offered by 4G connections.

This technology of 5G will also be far in excess as compared to the previous best achieved test results. According to Samsung’s 1.5 gigabits per second, this technology is less than 1% from the Surrey team’s speed.

A news website called v3 states that 5GIC’s Prof Rahim Tafazolli, Director said they have currently developed a 10 even more revolutionary technologies and a single one from them means they can cross over the mark of 1Tbps wirelessly. This is the similar capacity as the fiber optic cables; however, they are doing it without any wires. The research team has constructed their own kit and conducted tests in lab conditions for a distance of around 100 meters.

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